Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy American Thanksgiving

Hello my beauties,

I hope you've had a magnificent weekend and have been counting your blessings with gratitude. I know I've been AWOL and I'm sorry, but I needed to pop in and share something with you.

I've just written a small post on MASTERING THE METHOD about what's really going on in North Dakota with the Dakota Access Pipeline, including a few ways in which each and every one of us can help. We can all #standwithstandingrock right now today.

Please go HERE to read that post. Or if you'd rather not, you can simply click this LINK to watch a super quick video that will give you the real story.

There is also more info HERE, or to simply donate directly to Oceti Sakowin Camp through your Paypal, you can do that HERE. They are in desperate need of winter supplies.

#standwithstandingrock Let's stand together!! We are all protectors of the land and the water.

Lots of love,

Friday, September 2, 2016


As you know every September I get this autumn bug, this back to school buzz where I want to start something fresh and new. However as this September kicked off with a whopping big ole Mercury in Retrograde, this ain't the time to start something new. However, it is a great time for a rewind, hold the phone, kick you in the pants, do over!

Now take a walk with me if you will, back through the past eight months. Yes that's right, we're in the home stretch, the big push, the final countdown of 2016 so this feels like a good time to take stock. Yeah yeah I know that most of you would prefer to do this on December 31st but not me. I wanna do it now. As mentioned in my previous post I've had the snot, the stuffing, the begeezus kicked out of me and I'm still standing, a little worse for wear sure, but hopefully a little bit wiser.

I've learned that "efforting" gets you nowhere. Yes it's a thing! I'm not saying that you shouldn't make an effort. Go after your dreams, pursue your goals, strive for something greater yada yada yada, but all that pushing can lead to a whole lot of stress and not always a lot of reward.

Now I for one have chosen one of the dumbest professions in the world and when I say dumbest I mean it's so hard to break into and make a living that you'd have to be a dumb dumb to do it. And I am. But the thing is, this past year (oh fuck who am I kidding, this past decade) I've done nothing but press and push and keep the pedal to the metal, strive for achievement that I'd lost sight of why I began to write in the first place. I've even pushed my health to the brink, but that's a story for another day. I had to stop and reexamine my motivation and I can promise you that I didn't become a writer to "try and get noticed" or "land that big TV gig" but that's what I'd become! Gag, it was/is exhausting. I just want to sit in my room and make shit up!

So as I really stop to think things through, Mercury Retrograde couldn't come at a better time for me. I just want to take a breather. I want to have some fun. I want to let go, let loose and stop all this efforting!

Don't get me wrong, starting next week I will become busier than a bee in a hive but that doesn't mean I have to squeeze the life out of myself to get it all done. Rather it's my new belief that I can ease and flow my way through. Find my groove, be myself, use my voice and create with an air of freedom and fun. This is a new concept for me so lets see if I can pull it off.

Who's with me? You up for going with the flow for a lil bit? Ready to let go, to surrender to something bigger than us? It's like Marianne Williamson says: The bud knows how to become a flower, the embryo knows how to become a baby, the acorn just grows into the oak tree, if we let go and slip into the stream of life's buoyant energy we are sure to become whatever it was that we were designed to be.

So that's it, noble reader, the virtue for the month of September is SURRENDER. No more "efforting". Told you it was a thing.

Stay cool.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What happened to summer?

Anyone? Anyone? ... Bueller?

Has your summer slipped by as quickly as mine did? I blinked and August just vanished into thin air. The good news is I'm still here, still hanging in there, following my sugar-free lifestyle, dancing my butt off with Katia and doing the occasional tone up with Tracy and I feel good. Great actually. For the first time since I hit midlife, I feel balanced and in control. Touch wood.

So what is midlife? 

Midlife is the halfway point (by my definition) where you're no longer in angst and confusion about who you are in the world. It's a time where you can really step into your own shoes and feel comfy walking a mile or twenty in them, you can just be unapologetically you! For further information, look to the right of this post and see Shamandment #1, and insert your own name.

Do you have to have a crisis to get here? 

I don't think so, not if you accept yourself fully and have lived a life that's true to who you really are. Unless you've spent the majority of your life faking it or trying to fulfil some ridiculous (real or imagined) image of who you think you're supposed to be, then yeah maybe a crisis is in order. 

Is it dark and terrible?

All depends on how you look at it. With a sense of humour no, it's kind of fun and sometimes even hilarious. Irksome at other times sure, like when you're getting a pedicure and the girl who looks to be about 12 years old (when did everyone start looking so young?) asks if you'd like a complimentary toe wax and you think "Christ, my eye sight must be shot, how did I miss the soul patch on my big toe?" But mostly it's cool. These are our "Carlsberg years," you know the ones, the years where we're still happenin' but we're a little wiser and more sophisticated, still too young to be considered the "Golden years." Thank the lord!


I'll be honest when I tell you that 2016 has really put me through the wringer, pushed every button, brought up all my shit, forced me to look at the deep dark corners, examine my triggers and crutches and go to's when I'd rather not deal, and has forced me to deal, to surrender, to hand my crap over to a higher power, and to trim away all the things (sugar, people, thoughts) that are not feeding my soul. I've become so much closer to some amazing people, y'all know who you are, been inspired by new folks doing innovative things and have been granted opportunities that I am gonna rock the hell out of over this last quarter. 

Don't know about you, but for me it's feeling like a "back to school" event. I wanna run out and get some shiny new shows and a brand new back pack for my clean slate, fresh start, happy autumn season that I can feel is right around the corner. And you know me, whenever I want a fresh start I tend to create something new. So I've done just that. I have created a new IG PAGE that I plan to stuff chalk full of beautiful nature shots, trendy urban discoveries, and new job/work related fun stuff. Can't wait to share it all with you, so hope to see you there!

Until then here is just a small taste of the beauty I was blessed to be surrounded by for the past two weeks.

Big hugs and lots of love,